Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You'll never walk alone

Just when I thought this season was shit.. We rose up from the ashes. Sure, we got lucky with a win today off a OG but come on.. We're working. We're feeling the vibe of playing football again. Kop empire is behind our boys 100%. Back to the good 'ol times. You'll NEVER walk alone!

Liverpool 1 - 0 Fulham

We're now 7th in the table standings.. sure beats the beginning of the season where we were almost in relegation. Let's keep it going boys! RedForever! YNWA


  1. watched only a part of the match, but man i gotta admit that when they sing YNWA at anfield, I get goosebumps


  2. Liverpool is having a horrid season, but at least things look to be turning around.


  3. Liverpool is a pretty good team.

    Followd :)

  4. I never watch soccer :O (I'm a Tennis brat) But oh my goodness, look at that PRIDE! <3 Amazing!

  5. Tennis is amazing. I stayed up the past couple of nights just to watch the Australian Open..