Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super small text! Not really; but it's the 'small' text.

Oh.. gosh today has been soooosososoiefjsoifjsoeifjs;.. Annoying.
My friend and I got a bite on our craigslist adds for some books. Take in account that I live in South Austin and he lives.. WAY up north. Like 40-45 minutes to even get up there. Well, Caleb and I decided to make it an adventure.. we bought a lot of munchies and and drinks and put on the best tunes and cruised. Then that's when we met the dumbest kid ever..
Firstly.. he's in college and is hanging out at the mall all day.. and made us drive to go deliver that. We weren't to happy about having to drive that far but that's why we tried to make it fun. North Austin sucks.. so we were in a pretty bad mood by the time we got there. So.. we're moving a long and we get inside the mall and have to look for him; he's being very sketchy about where he is and so we take 20 minutes to find each other. When we finally find him.. he pulls out a GIFT CARD.. A VISA GIFT CARD and asks if WE can take him to a walmart to get cash for it.. Obviously we all know you can't get cash out of a VISA GIFT CARD!#:KE:AOWKEaw;dakw;d. Nearly dropped the kid at that moment. We bounced and didn't even tell him we were leaving. Grr.. I hated today. Our whole afternoon on a day that was actually pertty nice was wasted. Bummer.s.e.fs,.

But, I sold my crappy guitar at a pawn shop and got a good 25 bucks off of it. That brought my mood up. Didn't get to sell my camera though..

P.S. DOES ANYONE WANT TO BUY A NIKON FG?! Seriously.. I want to sell it. I don't use it anymore.

I made some new stencils today and we got to go spray 'em up around Austin. Look for pictures sometime this week; got something real big planned.

As always, much love!

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