Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate big text. Whenever I type anything above 9 pt. font I feel like it looks weird. Good morning everyone! It's 8:41 and it's the earliest I've been up this week. Ever since I got the word I wouldn't be able to attend school this semester I haven't been doing anything but working out, playing sports and partying. Quite honestly very tired of it. I hate that my sleep schedule is all messed up.. so last night I went to sleep at a normal time.. 12:30ish and slept really well. I finally had a restful sleep. I haven't been able to sleep much lately; I always felt afraid but that went away last night. So, I woke up around 6:35 and just kind of laid there watching infomercials on Fox Soccer Channel. Got up and cooked myself some breakfast! I am back on my "diet" which really isn't a diet more of a.. " I just don't want to eat shit anymore" kind of thing. I cooked an egg white omelet with lean turkey meat and 32 oz. of water. Yum! I have to eat every 3 hours and that is kind of a hassle sometimes; but once I get back in the routine of it things should be good. 
My rugby game this weekend got put back on .. but then it got canceled again! How depressing. I'm so used to the normal schedule of  M-W-S being my rugby days and now it throws me out of sync! I'll probably end up setting up a pick-up game on my own this weekend. 

Austin is beautiful this week. It's still a little cool outside but it's not terrible. It's 46 right now but it'll be 73 today! So perfect. All the green is coming back and the sky is so blue and clear! I love living here. I often think about how awesome it is to live here.. out of all the places I could have been born I was born here. I think everyone at one point should come to Austin. 

To my lovely 11 followers! Let's chat sometime. 

Take care!


  1. Hey man, I've had some trouble reading due to the font size. I know you don't like bigger font but it is a lot easier to read. Anyways, following and supporting

    check mine out if you can

  2. I know what you mean about the font- smaller looks cleaner almost. Minimalism (: & I can relate on the sleeping schedule. After I quit my job to move to South Korea in November, & not going to school these last two semesters, I've been completely out of whack with my sleep patterns. Makes it rough.
    I look forward to experiencing Texas outside of an airport (I've been there 8 times! But only to connect flights! Haha) I'll be in San Antonio within the next two months- Definitely excited for the weather (: You ARE lucky to live there. Nice to see some hometown pride- that doesn't happen around here haha

  3. & thanks for the comments on the pictures (: Very nice of you!